January 30, 2018

Candidate Allan Creasy Releases First Fundraising Numbers

Memphis — Ahead of this week’s financial disclosure deadline, the first of the campaign, Candidate Allan Creasy has released his campaign’s fundraising totals for Tennessee State House of Representatives District 97.

“I am proud of our efforts, and humbled by the response from our supporters,” stated Creasy, a lifelong Shelby County resident, graduate of Shelby County Schools and University of Memphis, and member of the local restaurant industry for over 20 years.

“We have raised over $26,000 in the first three months of our campaign. We had 241 donations, with an average of $109 per donation. I directly donated the maximum $1500 to my own campaign, because I believe if I am going to ask others to have faith in my ability to win, I need to put my money where my mouth is.”

“Most of our support came from many donors giving small amounts; 93% of our donations were $250 or less.”

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December 21, 2017

Tennessee's Only Higher Education Union Endorses Allan Creasy, Candidate for House District 97

Memphis, TN -- United Campus Workers Local 3865 - a state-wide local of Communications Workers of America - voted to endorse Allan Creasy as the next house representative for District 97. UCW has a growing membership of over 1,800 higher education employees who recently made headlines for saving thousands of public jobs from privatization. Their membership includes faculty, staff, and graduate students from 16 different college campuses in Tennessee including University of Memphis, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and Southwest Tennessee Community College.

When asked about her union's endorsement of Mr. Creasy, Margaret Cook, Vice President of UCW's Memphis Chapter said, "We knew right away who Allan was. He's been a supporter of our union and even traveled to Nashville to rally and speak with government officials about stopping outsourcing. He has shown a commitment to working people and our values and I know he will continue to do that once elected."

Allan Creasy is a native Memphian and has worked in the service industry for many years. He is part of a growing number of progressives running for office in an effort to restore democracy and people-centered government. His vision for Memphis and Tennessee is one where healthcare is affordable, education is equitable, and everyone makes a living wage.

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November 2, 2017

Allan Creasy Announces State House Campaign

Memphis — Allan Creasy is pleased to announce his candidacy for the Tennessee State House of Representatives, District 97. A lifelong Shelby County resident, graduate of Shelby County Schools and University of Memphis, Allan has worked in the local restaurant industry for 20 years.

Over the past two years he has knocked on over 7,000 doors while volunteering for local candidates. “I think it’s important to meet voters where they live, to listen to their thoughts and concerns, and to translate that into good public policy,” Creasy said.

“The district encompasses neighborhoods in Bartlett, Cordova, Berclair, and East Memphis, and whoever represents it needs to represent all of it. I was fortunate enough to be raised in Bartlett, and now make my home in Berclair. In the coming months, I’ll be traveling across the district to listen to and learn about the issues facing residents in every neighborhood. I will work hard to get elected, and will work with the same degree of tenacity for my constituents and neighbors in the state legislature.”

Creasy is concerned that our representatives aren’t working for the best interests of our neighborhoods. The current state legislature refused to accept $3.6 billion in federal subsidies for Medicaid expansion. “That’s money that could be helping veterans and seniors. That’s money that could be helping fight the opioid crisis. That’s money that could be helping all of us. But our representatives in Nashville were too beholden to their party bosses and special interests to accept that money. Because of that, several West Tennessee hospitals have closed. When it takes longer to seek treatment, people die.”

Creasy will work to ensure that the needs and concerns of Shelby County are truly being represented in our state legislature. “What works in Smyrna or Somerville won’t work in the suburban areas of Bartlett and Memphis. We need to allow our local governments to govern themselves with less interference from Nashville.”

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2 de noviembre 2017

Allan Creasy se postula para representante a la Legislatura Estatal

Memphis — Allan Creasy se complace en anunciar su candidatura a la Cámara de Representantes del estado de Tennessee por el Distrito 97.  Residente de Shelby County de toda la vida y graduado de escuelas del Condado de Shelby y la Universidad de Memphis, Allan ha trabajado en la industria gastronómica durante veinte años.   

Durante los últimos dos años ha tocado a 7.000 puertas como voluntario de campaña a favor de algunos candidatos locales.  “Creo que es importante conocer a los votantes en sus residencias, escuchar lo que piensan y sus preocupaciones, y lograr que esta información se traduzca en política pública efectiva,” dijo Creasy.

“El distrito comprende vecindarios de Bartlett, Cordova, Berclair, e East Memphis, y quienquiera que lo represente debe representarlo enteramente.  Tuve la fortuna de ser criado en Bartlett, y ahora vivo en Berclair.  En los próximos meses, viajaré a través del distrito para escuchar y aprender lo que pueda sobre las preocupaciones de cada vecindario.  Trabajaré arduamente para ser elegido, y trabajaré con la misma tenacidad a favor de mis constituyentes y vecinos en la legislatura estatal.”  

A Creasy le preocupa que nuestros representantes no estén trabajando a favor de los mejores intereses de nuestros vecindarios.  La actual legislatura estatal rehusó aceptar $3.6 mil millones en subsidios federales para la expansión del Medicaid.  “Es dinero que podría asistir a veteranos y personas de edad avanzada.  Es dinero que podría ayudar a luchar contra la crisis de los opiáceos.  Es dinero que podría ayudarnos a todos.  Pero nuestros representantes en Nashville estaban demasiado en deuda con los jefes de su partido e intereses particulares como para aceptar este dinero.  Debido a esto, varios hospitales del oeste de Tennessee han cerrado.  Cuando toma mucho más tiempo ser atendido, la gente muere.”

Creasy se asegurará de que las necesidades y preocupaciones del Condado de Shelby sean verdaderamente representadas en nuestra legislatura estatal.  “Lo que funciona para Smyrna o Somerville, no funciona para las áreas suburbanas de Bartlett y Memphis.  Debemos dejar que nuestros gobiernos locales gobiernen sin interferencia de Nashville.”

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