1. Affordable Health Care
    Our state leaders turned down $3.6 billion in federal funding our state could have received to help seniors, children, and the working and middle classes. I will advocate for affordable health care in Tennessee.
  2. Education
    Schools need better and more equitable funding. I support fair choices for families making decisions about their children’s education, and do not support vouchers.
  3. LGBT Rights
    I respect the right of anyone to celebrate their love. I also believe that bathroom laws are bad morally and economically. Elected leaders should support equal treatment of the LGBT community.
  4. Women's Rights
    Family planning decisions are between a woman and her doctor. A woman’s right to healthcare is important to the health of our families and communities.
  5. Predatory Lending
    Payday and title loan companies take advantage of working class people, and become indicators of crime and lowered property values in our neighborhoods. I will fight to protect our neighbors and neighborhoods against predatory lending.
  6. Law Enforcement
    We need to focus our efforts on violent crimes, not minor drug offences. Rehabilitation programs should be a priority over incarceration of minor offenders.